Map serialised items across your entire supply chain

Traceability can be defined as a solution that has the ability to trace the entire product lifecycle from the origin of raw material, through work-in-process, finished good, distribution to end customer. If companies are able to successfully implement traceability, it would result in increased business intelligence, faster on-time deliveries, higher customer satisfaction and improved sales.

QodeNext’s proprietary software of Unique Identity Creation generates one of the highest number of Unique IDs in India. The solution starts from Vendor Management to Work in Process to Warehouse to Dispatch to Yard to End Customer. Besides increasing the operational efficiency, implementing production agility and business visibility, the software goes the extra mile to provide Anti-Counterfeit, Customer Loyalty and Warranty Solutions.

Today, traceability is also being used to effectively manage recalls across the Automobile, Electronics, and Food Production. With recalls negatively impacting brand perception, profitability and share price, QodeNext has developed a robust solution for back traceability to investigate, pinpoint and isolate the root cause of a recall problem. Qodenext’s has successfully implemented these solutions in multiple industries such as Chemicals, home furnishings, Electrical, pharmaceuticals, liquor etc. Additionally, the Government of India is also mandating traceability to maintain higher levels of transparent and quality standards with GST, Excise Supply Chain Information Management System, DGFT Export Compliance, etc.