To enable authentication of a product within warranty in a quick verifiable and accurate manner

intelliFIELD is a warranty tracking app, specially designed for products that have high distribution base and that comes with replacement or repair warranty


  • Counterfeiting of products in the market.
  • Loss of revenue due to fraudulent warranty claims.
  • Manual tracking of warranty causing delays and errors
  • Hassles for customer and Dealer network

  • Field agent goes to the dealer or retailer
  • scans the warranty material
  • real time validation of material and if warranty is valid
  • for all valid warranties on teh spot credit note is issued
  • same is updated in erp


  • Printer
  • Handheld Scanner/
    Mobile Computer
  • Barcode/
  • Direct Part
    Marking (DPM)
  • Vision

Accuracy Without Human Intervention
The IntelliAsset Solution equips each asset with UID Barcode which can be scanned using RFID or mobile computers. The scanned data is updated in real time in the system thereby reducing manual checking of assets. This ensures accuracy of asset management process.

Improvement is asset utilization rate
By automating the asset management process with barcodes / RFID & scanners, companies can accurately track the Who, When & What of each and every asset, thereby improving the asset utilization rate.

Excellent return on Assets
The IntelliAsset software improves efficiency & accuracy of Asset Management process, thereby improving the life of assets. Improved Life Cycle of assets along with efficient utilization provides for excellent return on Assets.

Extended Asset Life Cycle
The IntelliAsset solution automates the asset management process with the help of RFID/ Barcodes & scanners. This leads to better utilization of assets, thereby improving asset life cycle and making cycle count is quick and easy.

Reduction in Repair & Maintained cost.
IntelliAsset solution automates the asset management process which improves asset management efficiency & increases asset life cycle. This results in reduced repair & maintenance cost.

Visibility on Critical Assets
Automating the Asset management process with the help of RFID & Barcode technology ensures real time tracking of assists. These data of these assets are also updated in real time in SAP/ERP, enabling visibility on critical assets.

Track AMC and Warranty
Auto reminder process ensures that you have up to date details on AMC and warranty