Equipment Tracking
To identify and record all assets on a continuous basis to
simplify recording processes and ensure information accuracy.

intelliASSET is a flexible and light wieght Asset tracking system which works with Barcode, RFID and a combination of both technologies. This is a web based solution fo on premise and cloud based deployment. Ideal for organizations with multiple facilities spred across geaographic locations


As companies expand geographically and vertically, they need a reliable, flexible and mobile solution to track assets and manage them same on a single platform.

Assets are the investment and hence are invaluable for an organization. It is extremely important for an organization to manage its assets in an optimum fashion in terms of utility, its whereabouts and life expectancy.

Usually in an organization, each asset (say a Computer, a Printer or a piece of Furniture) is identified by a unique serial number. Based on this serial number, the asset is identified, tracked and issued as per the requirements. In a manual system, a person is deputed for tracking and then maintaining, updating and reconciling the records of each and every asset. Manual process has following bottlenecks like extremely laborious & time consuming, inaccurate, inefficient and error prone which can have major financial implications on the organization.

Asset Tracking using Barcode & RFID Technology
Asset tracking solution offered by QodeNext uses Barcode/RFID technology for identification and tracking of assets. Asset Management software (IntelliASSET) is the core of the solution. The moment an asset is received it is labeled with Asset ID using either the barcode or RFID labels. All the operations like issue, transfer, and repair are managed through IntelliASSET. With the help of mobile computer with integrated scanner, assets are scanned along with Locations and the details are registered in the system. INTELLIASSETS also takes care of depreciation, repairs, warranty and AMC.

  • Tied up capital expenditure.
  • Capital loss due to misplaced assets.
  • Slow registration & transfer process.
  • Limited oversight of Who, Where & What of an Asset.
  • Manual Tracking of assets.
  • Time taken to do cycle counts and audits

  • Asset mapping
  • Cycle count per query

  • Integration with ERP/SAP.
  • Completely web based application.
  • Provides track & support status – warranty & AMC.
  • Provides Multiple tire location mapping
  • Capable of report generation with MIS Analytics.
  • Works with RFID & barcode technology.
  • Enables authentication, escalation and user control.
  • Web Based
  • Mobility Module for Cycle Count
  • AMC and Warranty tracking
  • real-time reports
  • Registration and Allocation
  • Works using Barcode or RFID technologies


  • Printer
  • Scanner/
    Mobile Computer
  • Barcode/

Accuracy Without Human Intervention
The IntelliAsset Solution equips each asset with UID barcode which can be scanned using RFID or mobile computers. The scanned data is updated in real time in the system thereby reducing manual checking of assets. This ensures accuracy of asset management process.

Improvement is asset utilization rate
By automating the asset management process with barcodes / RFID & scanners, companies can accurately track the Who, When & What of each and every asset, thereby improving the asset utilization rate.

Excellent return on Assets
The IntelliAsset software improves efficiency & accuracy of Asset Management process, thereby improving the life of assets. Improved Life Cycle of assets along with efficient utilization provides for excellent return on Assets.

Extended Asset Life Cycle
The IntelliAsset solution automates the asset management process with the help of RFID/ Barcodes & scanners. This leads to better utilization of assets, thereby improving asset life cycle and making cycle count is quick and easy.

Reduction in Repair & Maintained cost.
IntelliAsset solution automates the asset management process which improves asset management efficiency & increases asset life cycle. This results in reduced repair & maintenance cost.

Visibility on Critical Assets
Automating the Asset management process with the help of RFID & Barcode technology ensures real time tracking of assists. These data of these assets are also updated in real time in SAP/ERP, enabling visibility on critical assets.

Track AMC and Warranty
Auto reminder process ensures that you have up to date details on AMC and warranty