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Industry 4.0 to Transform Supply Chain

The Indian Automobile Industry is at the brink of a new Industrial Revolution, characterised by Automation, Customisation, Connectivity, Traceability and Agility. With customer expectations of mass customisation, shorter design cycles and on-demand manufacturing along with increased compliance, recurring recalls and the need to preserve brand, it is imperative that companies automate, digitalise, steamline and interconnect processes along the entire supply chain.

Using QodeNext's solutions, OEMS, Tier 1 & Tier 2 will be able to not only optimise production, execute just-in-time inventory, and perform seamless product recall but also implement traceability and real-time time visibility upstream and downstream. Using cutting edge technology, each physical component can be given a unique digital signature for companies to manage their supply chains, meet customer needs and their business objectives.

Complete connectivity and visibility across both upstream and downstream supply chain processes

Implement End-to-End Traceability from Vendor to End-Customer

How QodeNext is partnering with Automotive Companies to implement end-to-end automation and Track & Trace