Creating value-based solutions

Creating value for patients through safety and care is top priority for healthcare professionals worldwide. In recent times patient safety has seen significant progress owing to technology advancements of Barcode and RFID. Apart from patient identification & visualization it provides a host of other benefits such as enhancing operational efficiency.

Traceability goes a long way in making life better for patients and easier for healthcare professionals by efficient admission, track medication & admission and identify patients during and post stay. Using UID barcodes mapped to patients, professionals can view previous records and medical information tied to patients. In addition the technology can be used in other processes such as bed management, sample management & blood bank management to name a few.

At QodeNext, we specialize in printing and sensing technology to link patients to their medical details and provide visibility, accuracy & enhanced efficiency through the care process.

Complete visualization over drug administration, identification & medication management.

Achieve accuracy in Specimen Collection & Blood infusion.

How QodeNext is partnering with Hospitals to make life easire for medical professionals.