Map raw material origins, ingredients and finished products from farm to production to retail to consumer


Name Ensure up to the mark packing
Description Product packing is as important as the final product itself. Packing is not just a means of protection but also and informative & marketing tool. Ensuring packing is as per requirement is imperative for FMCG companies.
Detail QodeNext vision sensing technology comes with a host of features which can if confirm contents match packaging, verify sell-by date & batch code and quality of printed barcode.


Name Ensure ingredient level traceability and manage third party risk
Description Quality ingredients are a key to Quality products. Keeping this in mind, it is crucial for FMCG companies to study vendor performance, obtain quality raw material and back trace in case an issue arises.
Detail QodeNext Provides visualization of supplier ecosystem with data analytics to study vendor performance & quality checks at various stages to ensure adherence to required standards.


Name Maximise Production Uptime through the Assembly Line
Description With a large quantity of ingredients going into production, manual operations result in a host of challenges such as human errors, increased idle time & occurrence of stock outs.
Detail QodeNext tackles the major challenges faced by FMCG companies through WIP management software. QodeNext software integrates various production lines, keeps real-time track of inventory & boosts productivity.


Name Improve Warehouse Operational Efficiency
Description With the onset of GST and rapid growth, companies have the potential and the competitive imperativeness to increase the velocity of their warehouse management, bolster the traceability and security of their goods and grow the business on a global scale.
Detail QodeNext provides complete visualization on the warehousing ecosystem, from inward, internal and outward movement of the goods. Additionally, the software allows efficient picking, cubing modules to further enhance the functioning of the warehouse.


Name Implement Just-In-Time Inventory utilization to reduce wastage of expired raw materials


Name Improve accuracy & timely dispatch of Raw Materials & FInished Goods


Name Maintain Ontime and On Track movement at Entry & Exit Gates
Description Frequent movement of trucks within warehouse and manufacturing premises often results in poor turnaround time, adds to truck management cost & slow order fulfilment.
Detail By implementing QodeNext RFID based QodeTITO software, Pharma companies can efficiently manage entry, exit gates and get real time visibility of bay status.


Name Manage product recalls to minimize brand impact
Description QodeNext provides end to end supply chain traceability allowing targeted recalls and keeping brand impact to a minimum.


Name Enhance manpower productivity


Name Comply with all Government & Global Compliances