Provide greater visibility and response agility into a supply chain in case of food safety challenge

Vendor End

Create digital footprint from component level

  • Enable real-time visibility from farm into production
  • Integrate vendor system to enable advance PO requests, improved vendor production plan and faster delivery
  • Seamless material flow through digital Challan creation
  • Aggregate parent-child mapping for efficient recall management


Track and aggregate work in process

  • Serialise each ingredient to implement traceability to meet strict quality standards and compliance
  • Confirm and validate ingredients to minimize contamination and allergy recalls
  • Verify packaging and product to prevent product recall
  • Create digital record and custody chain of every ingredient and packaging to increase transparency


Ensure on-time dispatch

  • Automate GRN, inward, outward and dispatch movement to increase efficiency and reduce errors
  • Manage putaway, order picking, kitting, cubing for faster operations
  • Optimise inventory to reduce wastage of expired product
  • Increase utilization workforce through intelligent job allocation


Deliver on time everytime

  • Minimise bottlenecks at yard, docking stations and gates through intelligent scheduling
  • Enable faster delivery and order fulfillment
  • Improve driver turnaround time for faster transit
  • Reduce paperwork and manual operations


Increase customer satisfaction

  • Monitor distribution and storage facilities for food safety conditions
  • Efficiently manage quality and safety claims and prevent fraudulent claims
  • Monitor and counter anti counterfeit products
  • Get real-time data to improve quality and marketing strategy


Implement complete business transparency

  • Enable corrective actions to be implemented effectively in case of recall or food safety problem identified
  • Identify and isolate root cause of contaminiated product and prevent future production and consumption
  • Target contaminated problems out in distribution to minimize loss and disruption
  • Build brand loyalty and customer trust