Trace product origin, have real time visibility, optimize production, reduce cost & gain customer loyalty.

The FMCG market is witnessing a sea of globalisation resulting in complex supply chains, dynamic customer demand for proof of product origins, organic and minimally processed foods and increased regulatory compliance. To gain a competitive edge, it is increasingly crucial for companies to improve product quality, increase production, reduce product recalls and reward faithful customers. Keeping these objectives in mind, it becomes vital for companies to seamlessly integrate their entire supply chain.

At QodeNext, we specialize in providing traceability solutions to link your raw material to your final product, enabling the tracking through all stages of production, processing, storage, distribution and consumption. We go one step further to integate tracking of source inputs like raw materials, additives, packaging, etc. Using QodeNext’s Solutions FMCG companies will be well equipped to improve product quality, optimize production, and gain customer trust and loyalty.

Provide greater visibility and response agility into a supply chain in case of food safety challenge

Map raw material origins, ingredients and finished products from farm to production to retail to consumer

How QodeNext is partnering with FMCG Companies to maintain and rebuild consumer trust of the food system