Implement demand driven supply chain to reduce lead time

"The electronics industry is witnessing a boom characterised by rising outsourcing, shortened production cycles, high product variants and constant technology developments resulting in risk of outdated quality control mechanisms. In such times of growth, it is critical for brands (OEMs) to expand production while shorting design cycles, reduce production timings and optimize resource utilization to preserve and develop their brand. Additionally Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) to provide traceability information at a component level to retain contracts, comply with regulations and provide traceability queries on-demand.

QodeNext works with OEMS and EMS providers to provide end to end traceability to offer manufacturers a competitive advantage by providing high quality products on time, addressing dynamic customer demands, complying with regulation and mitigating liability by minimizing faulty products and providing agile responses for recalls.

"Complete connectivity and visibility across both upstream and downstream supply chain processes.

Implement End-to-End Traceability from Vendor to End-Customer

How QodeNext is partnering with Electronic Companies to implement end-to-end automation and Track & Trace