Project Management

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Given the complexity and nuances of each organisation, QodeNext has a dedicated Project Management team to ensure seamless on-time delivery and implementation. The team applies their expertise, Leadership, technical skills, QodeNext developed tools and techniques to meet the project objectives within the timeline.

To provide complete satisfaction, we divide the project management processes into 5 groups:

Initiation- QodeNext has developed a tested framework to work on. The team starts with preparing the project charter, required information and involves all the stakeholders.

Planning- Next, QodeNext ensures that the project planning is done to taking into consideration all factors. While planning, our team plans each process of the project in detail and the sequence of these processes. In each process, our team carefully plans the work breakdown, the activities that need to be done & in what sequence and the resources that must be allocated for the same. For each of these stated factors, our team provides estimation of the time, cost and quality required. We ensure that this estimation is communicated to the stakeholders.

Execution- During execution, the team tries to ensure that we maintain the time, cost & quality promised to the stakeholders through monitoring & controlling. In case of any deviation from the original plan, we ensure that these changes are communicated and approved by the stakeholders.

Project Documentation- We maintain a thorough documentation of the project status, solution architecture, tasks of each phase to maintain as a means to monitor and control.

Monitoring and Controlling- The project management team also pays close attention to the risk involved in the projects and looks for ways to overcome these risks. Our team understands that not all risks can be planned and assume certain unplanned risks involved in the project. This ensures that project is covered for most possible risks.

Closure- On completion, we fill out a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and collect comprehensive feedback from the customers to constantly improve our offerings.