Traceability Consultants

Map serialised items across your entire supply chain

Traceability can be defined as a solution that has the ability to trace the entire product lifecycle from the origin of raw material, through work-in-process, finished good, distribution to end customer. If companies are able to successfully implement traceability, it would result in increased business intelligence, faster on-time deliveries, higher customer satisfaction and improved sales.

QodeNext’s proprietary software of Unique Identity Creation generates one of the highest number of Unique IDs in India. The solution starts from Vendor Management to Work in Process to Warehouse to Dispatch to Yard to End Customer. Besides increasing the operational efficiency, implementing production agility and business visibility, the software goes the extra mile to provide Anti-Counterfeit, Customer Loyalty and Warranty Solutions.

Today, traceability is also being used to effectively manage recalls across the Automobile, Electronics, and Food Production. With recalls negatively impacting brand perception, profitability and share price, QodeNext has developed a robust solution for back traceability to investigate, pinpoint and isolate the root cause of a recall problem. Qodenext’s has successfully implemented these solutions in multiple industries such as Chemicals, home furnishings, Electrical, pharmaceuticals, liquor etc. Additionally, the Government of India is also mandating traceability to maintain higher levels of transparent and quality standards with GST, Excise Supply Chain Information Management System, DGFT Export Compliance, etc.

A team of Supply Chain Efficiency Analysts and Consultants

In a time of rapidly changing technology, winners will be those companies who are able to dynamically streamline operation, build new capabilities and optimize cost efficiency. Our consultants help you do just that.

We pride ourselves in being a one stop shop company for your technology needs. On consulting with us, we take the effort to understand your processes, challenges & pain points. We then help you to optimize and extract the most out of your supply chain operations.

We understand that each of our customers has a unique requirement based on their industry, compliance, business needs and current infrastructure. Hence, we start our services by providing IT consulting.

Experts: To understand the requirements, QodeNext has a team of experienced consultants and professionals who act as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in domain expertise, Supply Chain Management, ERP, logistics, Networking and IT infrastructure and engage with entire spectrum of your organization to complete the scoping.

Business Process Scoping Workshops: We start by conducting a complete understanding of your complete supply chain hubs. At this stage, we speak to the key stakeholders, hold onsite meetings and review the current infrastructure.

GAP Analysis: Based on the interactions, we identify the basic business challenges, pain points, product aim and scope, or the preliminary go-ahead.

Site Survey: Next, we conduct a comprehensive site survey of your premises and speak to all the stakeholders to understand the nuances. This process gives us a comprehensive insight and helps us create a solution architecture.

Product Portfolio Selection: The solutions portfolio consists of 100's of product variations. Based on the scope, we identify the products and solutions that are best suited for your business needs and provide a budgetary analysis.

System Study Report: We submit a formal site survey report to the customer with details on the scope, solution architecture, Bill of Material (BOM) and pricing and communicates the same for approval. On approval of the final solution, we proceed to Project Management.

Supply. Service. Support.

Given the complexity and nuances of each organisation, QodeNext has a dedicated Project Management team to ensure seamless on-time delivery and implementation. The team applies their expertise, Leadership, technical skills, QodeNext developed tools and techniques to meet the project objectives within the timeline.

To provide complete satisfaction, we divide the project management processes into 5 groups:

Initiation- QodeNext has developed a tested framework to work on. The team starts with preparing the project charter, required information and involves all the stakeholders.

Planning- Next, QodeNext ensures that the project planning is done to taking into consideration all factors. While planning, our team plans each process of the project in detail and the sequence of these processes. In each process, our team carefully plans the work breakdown, the activities that need to be done & in what sequence and the resources that must be allocated for the same. For each of these stated factors, our team provides estimation of the time, cost and quality required. We ensure that this estimation is communicated to the stakeholders.

Execution- During execution, the team tries to ensure that we maintain the time, cost & quality promised to the stakeholders through monitoring & controlling. In case of any deviation from the original plan, we ensure that these changes are communicated and approved by the stakeholders.

Project Documentation- We maintain a thorough documentation of the project status, solution architecture, tasks of each phase to maintain as a means to monitor and control.

Monitoring and Controlling- The project management team also pays close attention to the risk involved in the projects and looks for ways to overcome these risks. Our team understands that not all risks can be planned and assume certain unplanned risks involved in the project. This ensures that project is covered for most possible risks.

Closure- On completion, we fill out a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and collect comprehensive feedback from the customers to constantly improve our offerings.

QodeNext provides an extensive suite of managed services, allowing our customers to proactively outsource management functions. The model allows our customers to stay up-to-date on their Supply Chain Management Solutions and have access to a team of skilled technician to not only address their requirements on-demand based on a service-level agreement but also reduce overheads, improve operational efficiency and reduce risk.

Customers rely on QodeNext to provide managed services for their installed base of mobility solutions:

  • Procurement
  • Installation
  • Systems Monitoring
  • Support
  • Repair Services & Device Replacement
  • Helpdesk Management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Application Support

Tailor-made to your satisfaction

On top of our comprehensive suite of solutions, QodeNext offers customised software and application development services for all our customer's specialised and custom requirements.

We have one of the largest in-house software development teams operating out of centers spread across the country to develop, implement and support our customers with the conceptualization, designing, development, testing and deployment.

We follow the below process:

  • Planning
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Integration
  • Maintenance

Seamless, reliable & secure

At QodeNext, we have an inhouse team of experts who dedicatedly work with our customers and customer's IT partners to ensure that we do practical effective and accurate automation by exchanging data with other systems in a reliable and secure manner. QNComm server is one the most reliable data aggregation systems, handling millions of transactions a day with extremely reliable efficiency.

  • Accurate and Error Proof Information Flow
  • Automated ERP postings
  • Audit Ready systems

Our solutions successfully integrate with:

Additionally, we can integrate with other ERPs customisation.

QodeNext provides a multi-tier, flexible and customizable service program to reduce downtime and provide seamless business continuity. We have the largest and most expansive team of Service Engineers pan India to support our entire suite of Solutions, Software and Hardwares.

The program allows customer to bundle a Annual Maintenance Service Plan at the time of purchase of hardware/ software, allowing peace-of-mind functioning from the get-go. We also use SAP for monitoring all the service related activities, thereby providing accurate MIS data and enabling real time monitoring. SAP is not only used for customer call logins and responses but also for material received for repairs, material used in replacement, facilitating Root Cause Analysis in case of multiple failures of a particular item. Thus from receipt of material to sales to on field support to repairs SAP aids in increased levels of customer satisfaction due to availability of an integrated macro snapshot.

Our programs go beyond repair, offering a total integrated support solution encompasses Telephonic Support, Integrated Service Management Portal with Experts, Online Help Desk, Local Service Centers and optional Onsite Repair – all backed by our national support infrastructure. When you choose QodeNext, you get industry leading response times and a level of expertise only an Authorised Service Partner can offer.

License to Serve!

QodeNext is one of the few Indian companies that has certifications as an Authorized Service partner for our Hardware OEMs. The repair center, located at Gandhinagar, Gujarat is manned by over 15 qualified engineers, each having over 10 years of experience in repairing the various products. Products are on an average turned around post repairs in under three days and that too after 24 hours of heat run post repairs and testing. The repair center stocks substantial spares for all sub assemblies which enables a faster turnaround, in addition to the spars stocked by the OEM’s. Due to this unique technical capability we send less than 0.5% of our material back on RMA to our principals.

With a past history of being in the manufacturing industry and having a team of qualified engineers, QodeNext undertakes repairs also at the component level to ensure faster turnaround. The repair center stocks substantial spares for all sub assemblies in addition to the spares stocked by the OEM’s. This facility permits us to provide better customer satisfaction and avoid long RMA cycles of MNC’s.

Let data drive your decisions/ Smarter supply chain/ Have your supply chain talk to you

With increased global operations complexity, lack of supply chain visibility, and increased exposure to business risk in the supply chain, it is imperative that businesses invest in Business Intelligence (BI).

QodeNext lets you to collect the data using Barcode & RFID solutions but goes one step forward in letting you actually use this operational data to analyse and take data-driven business decisions. Using a combination of trend analysis, business logic, drill down examination, etc, organisations can improve inventory planning, demand higher quality from vendors, maximize space utilisation, reduce recalls improve customer relations.

Additionally, our solution allows for FIFO/LIFO configuration, automated alerts and emails, real-time dynamic data visibility, allowing you to take on-time decisions, every time.

Interact with your Machines!

With increased compliance and mitigation of risk, it is imperative that companies capture and analyse machine parameters during the production process.

At QodeNext we let you capture each step of the production process, not only of the product journey but also of the machine parameters at the point of time of scanning. This information will get automatically updated in the database and will provide insights on predictive analysis.